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Letters to the Editor - July 21, 2012

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Kathleen Blair

As a registered Democrat and as a PCP for our county party, I absolutely agree with Mr. Scyoc that the county Republican Party ought to have been invited to have a booth on 3rd St.They qualified on criteria 3 as well as 1 (if their offices are still on Ford in the same building with the portrait studio.) Perhaps the MDA might look to double check that they sent out an e-mail invitation to the Republican just as they sent to us.

Fair is fair.

Nicholas Scyoc

Thank you Kathleen,

Who says that Democrats and Republicans can't work together?


Really Nicholas?...a boycott?

This appears to be a mistake/misunderstanding by one or both groups...Calling for a boycott is an obvious overreaction, and would only put more stress on already struggling businesses. Shall we promote the fact that the local Republican party is responsible for damaging local business? Kinda runs in the face of the national Republican platform don't you think?

The entire issue is a "tempest in a teapot". How about spending your time on some real issues rather than demanding a meaningless apology......

all points considered

I am what could be considered a radical conservative! I do not however think that the McMinnville downtown association would knowingly exclude a political party.
Even if they had an agenda; given the current political climate a business owner would not want to alienate half of their customers.
As much as I would like to use this as a political soapbox; I believe that it may have been nothing more than a misunderstanding.

Nicholas Scyoc


Businesses struggle or thrive in any situation in any normal or abnormal economical situation. The MDA, as I see it choice to be partisan about an event... that shouldn't have any bias to it. If a business wants to promote it's politics, then they are taking the chance of alienating a customer base. Just like the coffee shop in Portland that refused service to a police officer because he was in uniform. Just like a fast-food restaurant that is anti-gay marriage. It is information that has been brought to the attention of people in the local area.
If my TAX dollars are paying for something... then it had better be equal access by everyone. Facts still stand... my group was told no, another group received an e-mail invitation. Everything else is calculated confusion.


So your idea is to punish the downtown businesses with a boycott for an act that they had no control does that solve the issue?

I also don't think you have made a case that it was MDA's intent to be biased..that is just your opinion. One key fact that you fail to mention is your group didn't submit an application so it's pretty hard to say the MDA didn't allow you to participate. While there is certainly some misunderstanding and/or misinformation I think demanding an apology (that will change nothing) under threat of a boycott is petty. Could it be publicity you are really looking for?


Nicholas, don't fall into the political trap Hacksaw is baiting you into. He doesn't want to admit the issue is, "being told your group could not submit an application." That in itself is the issue. Nothing else Hacksaw. The only other issue is Hacksaw is ignoring the first post on this thread. No less it came from those who were "invited". I believe Kathleen's quote was, "fair is fair." I am curious though! Did Kathleen's group recieve the invitation and then submit an application or was the invitation offered after their application was submitted. If the latter, does every vendor receive an email invitation?


As far as the boycott, I don't believe in them. I personally boycott businesses because of poor service, product, or atmosphere.


I beg to differ....the issue is assuming an oversight or misunderstanding is a major conspiracy to exclude the republican party from the benefits of a Turkey Rama booth for one day.....

speaking of facts not in evidence...just exactly who was told that "your group could not submit an application"? Please clarify....

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