Letters to the Editor - January 28, 2012

Letters from Diana Giannettino, Vickie Adams, Brooke Gray, Brian Doyle, Richard Roberts, Terri Swendsen, Jim Straughan, Mark Davis

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Don Dix


I'm sure Bonamici appreciates your support, but reality disrupts the reasoning.

Bonamici is by profession an attorney, and by track record a fall-in-line tax and spend Demo. Attorneys in legislatures and congress are the problem, not the solution. Gridlock and stalemates are revealing evidence of attorney-dominated government positions. And both attorneys and politicians will avoid straight answers to simple questions, and even lie about or embellish facts to hide the truth.

As for 'taking on predatory lenders': If so, why is Oregon among the states with the most foreclosures? The opportunity has been present for some time, but to date, Oregonians are still losing their homes. That is not the result of any discernible action.

The Demo party will dictate Suzanne's votes on issues, much like David Wu. So much for being an advocate of anything in particular.

Don't get me wrong. I have similar opposition for Cornilles, but for different reasons. Oregon isn't getting any kind of a positive choice, no matter who wins.

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