Letters to the Editor - January 14, 2012

Letters from Jane Kristof, Robert Swift, Cheryl Presley, Ken Dollinger, Elizabeth Van Staaveren, Maxxine Kurtzbein, Margaret Shields, Susan Meredith

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Michael Tubbs Sr

"So far, the track record of imposing new rules on everyone is no deterrent."

Once upon a time amphetamines of every sort were legally obtainable in a plethora over the counter products. Benzedrine, being just one of them, as marketed by 'Vic's was good for the sniffles, as well as keeping long haul drivers awake when purchased in a different form in over the counter 'Pep Pill's..or..as some use to refer to them as..."Mothers little Helpers."

Cocaine, in fact, was also very popular with a large segment of our society, still is actually, and was once touted as a remedy for ailments too numerous to list. I'm quite sure, though, that there's a large segment of our society that would prefer to purchase it over the counter again...and soon.


In regards to Susan Meredith's letter comparing cell towers to Riverbend -

“What people see outside their windows every day matters. Portlanders shouldn’t be forced to live with ugly."

So Portland doesn't want ugly, so it's sends it's garbage here.

Seems like Portland "always" gets what it wants..........


Actually, It is the giant Houston corporation, Waste Management, that "always" gets what they want.....sadly, at our expense!

Don Dix


Portland also always gets what it deserves -- Sam Beau and his tool Randy Leonard, terrible traffic congestion, dangerous bridges, occupy, etc. Frankly, Portland is on the cutting edge of ugly, and it seems to be by popular choice.

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