Letters to the Editor - Jan. 3, 2013

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What I think you are failing to realize Mr. Leis, is that the use of marijuana has been used for millennia. It is not been condoned for only a pimple on the ass of time. I'll bet you have a cream for that. Something with steroids perhaps... Something that will make the end user irritable while using and even more irritable when not. Even though the pharmaceutical companies along with various other interest, tried to squash cannabis, it has just been growing like a weed much to your dismay.
I think the pharmaceutical companies are their own worst enemy. I rarely say this, but thank goodness that federal government sees that the side effects are advertised along with the product. Take a moment to watch some of the commercials and see how the side effects stand in comparison to cannabis.
I talk with several state registered cannabis patients and frankly their tired of having this med and that med thrown at their symptoms with little to know effect. Quite unnerving for them to say the least. It seems a crap shoot and what do they have to lose, but (according to you) a little time...


Not that traffic safety isn't an issue, but I don't see the problem of getting my rig up to 100 mph from time to time. It's fun and people all over the world flock to watch expeditions of speed. Indianapolis Motor Speedway. I'll bet in 1970, you even had a hard time keeping you American made muscle car (if u had one) under the speed limit. Nothing like a Chevy big block to get your heart a race'n!


Mr. Perkins, if you can't afford something, you don't go.

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