Letters to the Editor - Jan. 17, 2014

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Beverly King:

Great letter, well stated and so, so true!


Beverly King,

I must applaud Merkley, Weiden, and our President Obama for continuing to fix the shambles our last administration left our country.


Obama is fixing nothing. He's created more shambles then he was left with. Three more years is unthinkable. Climbing out of this mess will take decades. I applaud nothing about that man.


First, your writing about Jesus doesn't change my opinion about him. It only bores me.
Second, Waste Management considers us exploitable bumpkins.


Beverly, I applaud you for writing what you did. I disagree with many of the things you said. We Americans have not been intimidated into silence. Unless maybe you just mean the lack of letters here. Some of the responses here are not actually intelligent, sane responses, but come from people who really do not want a discussion/conversation.
If you mention Jesus, I'm willing to bet the NR will print it. Depends on how you present and word your discussion. Expressing anger concerning local, state and federal government, again I'll bet, will depend on how you word your discussion again. I for one, am not at all satisfied with the way persons in our government who are of the Republican, radical right wing Tea Party ilk behave, and sometimes they really get me angry. But we are a two party run government so they get to have their say too. They still makes me angry a lot of times. [I don't like enlarging our landfill either. :( ]
I do not like the way our government has intruded into our lives by taking away, to a certain degree, some of our privacy. I believe we can work on that and make some changes, and even now it appears they might be working on it in high government places.
If someone calls your speech, hate speech, consider what you have said. Was it? Why did someone consider it hateful? Well, free speech means someone can call what you say hate speech. If you believe it was not, well find someone else to talk with.
America as I knew it in 1943 slipped away. So too has the America I knew in 1953. Same is true of 1968 and many following years. Those times were both good and bad and we made it through them.
We live, learn and most importantly, we grow/change. Sometimes for good, others not so good. Continue to write Beverly, but not everyone will always agree and line up with you. We exchange ideas in this column "Letters to the Editor."

Ethel H Sorensen
McMinnville, OR

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