Letters to the Editor - Jan. 11, 2013

Letters from Kathie Oriet, David Terry, Henry Reeves

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Dances with Redwoods

On a more positive note, Mr.Reeves, our interstate highway was built so that our military could more rapidly transfer assets from one coast to the other, as well as most parts in between.

The one really nice thing about the Dundee Bypass (when it's finaly completed of course) would be to consider, just how much faster the Oregon National Guard Units down here, will be able to be react to the rioting, angry, buncha looting & plundering hoards of liberals up there in the Portland Metro area, before they're able to decend upon us like a swarm of insatiable locusts.

Don Dix

That $994,695 figure is quite a waste, if in fact it's accurate. As well, Mr. Reeves failed to mention he and Commissioner Lewis are on the opposite side of the political divide.

Here's another story of waste in government -- McMinnville is required by the state to expand the UGB to accommodate 20 year increments of growth. But a local no-growth organization (friends of Yamhill County) has held up every attempt to comply with the state mandate -- held up for 16 years! The cost to the city to defend those appeals and complaints is far beyond the number credited to Commissioner Lewis. And Mr. Reeves was/is an active member to all those appeals.

How can one complain about an elected official wasting taxpayer dollars, when during approximately the same time period, that individual (and his group) was intentionally running up the tab for Mac to expand the UGB?

So, using a similar approach, how many other city programs could benefit from the money wasted defending all those UGB appeals?

That seems to be a fair, overall assessment of the situation, don't you think?

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