Letters to the Editor - February 25, 2012

Letters from Brian Bessler, Scott Gibson, Jo McIntyre, Merilynn Reeves, Gerald Fowles, Ramsey McPhillips

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Michael Tubbs Sr

Jo McIntyre,

One only has to visit the Shoreline Park & Amphitheater to understand just how possible it really is to transform a pig's ear into a silk purse. Actually, millions of people already have and continue to, to this day..

Michael Tubbs Sr

....then again, it's really a tough call I would suppose, and the Yamhill Valley probably does have a void to fill as far as meeting the romantic requirements of those in search of a high-end butt-rub, but access to an indoor snowboard park would be kinda nice, too.

Maybe like this----> www.vagablond.com/images/bigairinside.jpg.

Michael Tubbs Sr
Grand Ronde, Oregon


high mike I went to a concert at that park shortly after it opened. It was a great concert. The next weekend at a concert someone sitting aways back lit a joint and the a flash fire started from the methane. True story. talk about burn out haha. I have not heard of that happening again tho.

Michael Tubbs Sr

Actually, Carl, that particular plot of land used to be a dairy farm, before it was a garbage dump. It was actually the newest residents of Sunnyvale, Mountain View and Palo Alto that had purchased homes in housing tracts that were being built back in the late 50's/early 60's whom were responsible for putting the dairy farmers out of business.

It had been the latest arrivals that had taken their complaints of/about offensive odors wafting in on the afternoon breeze. It's kinda funny now I think back, but back when I was a 5th grader my buddies and I knew almost instinctively (no pun intended) that the more 'pungent' the afternoon breeze became, the closer it was to supper being ready to eat.

The amphitheater alone very often accommodates as many as 20,000 people on a sunny summer afternoon, though, I've never been to a concert their myself. Though if I actually wanted to, my mother would be able to purchase tickets for two days before they would otherwise be made available to the general public.

Being a resident of Mountain View does have it's privileges .

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