Letters to the Editor Feb. 8, 2013

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Dances with Redwoods

"Maybe that tells us something?" --Jane Kristof

I don't believe that it tells us anything more than a sack full of decapitated heads dumped in front of an elementary school down in Mexico would. The only thing that that tells me, is, that, what is occurring is not some deranged evolution only unigue to our own society. We just seem to glorify it more through our entertainment industry than other countries choose to.

Michael Tubbs Sr
Grand Ronde, Oregon

Don Dix

Mrs. Perse -- "None of us want to experience an earthquake of the magnitude that Japan experienced 23 months ago. But, DOGAMI and the USGS both feel certain that this part of Oregon will experience (maybe next week, maybe in 200 years) an enormous Cascadia Subduction Zone (CSZ) earthquake of magnitude 9.0.

The expert, chair of the OSU geology department, commented that soil most likely to liquefy is along rivers in Western Oregon. Think Riverbend Landfill."

Two things stand out --

1. Predicting earthquakes is guesswork at best (maybe next week, maybe 200 years). And there is no avenue to predict the damage, just speculation. So why not use this opportunity to rail against Riverbend?

2. Since most cities in all of Oregon are built near rivers, my concern would not be whether Riverbend survives, but the safety and care of people in those cities where this 'liquefying soil' occurs (if it does).

So my priorities would be much less about what happens to bridges, overpasses or landfills and much more about how to help survivors -- but that's just me. Apparently others have a different agenda.

Dances with Redwoods

"....the need for a background check each time a firearm is purchased could be eliminated." --Jim LeTourneux

There is an ex-cop on a murderous rampage (right now) down in California. How could a card check system such as you propose, have prevented him from carrying out his mission?


To Jim LeTourneux. You are right. Would save the state in administration costs and time involved in keeping a background check system up and operating. Too bad a concealed carry license is not adequate for firearm purchases. I would think that the background check for a CCW permit is more involved in checking one's background and they are usually immediately revoked in the event of a run in with the law.

Michael Tubbs Sr

Santa Clara county enacted an ordinance ( I could be off by a year one way or the other) back in 1989 that prohibited the sale to or possession of, a firearm to or by anyone convicted of committing an act of domestic violence ..or.. violating a restraining order against same.

The Act had to be soon after altered so as to allow for ..or.. accommodate certain exemptions when it had come to light that as many as 10% of law enforcement personel would have lost their right to own, possess or carry a firearm.

So, in effect, wife beating cops and/or deputies were to be/are exempted. Such a card if I may also add, will ..or.. would have prevented someone like Charles Whitman from committing mass murder with a firearm.

Michael Tubbs Sr

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