Letters to the Editor - Feb. 1, 2013

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Don Dix

The letter -- 'Need Global Warming Debate'

This is really confusing. A few years after Al Gore claimed he 'invented the internet', he casually dismissed any climate change questions by proclaiming, 'the debate is over'. Of course, Al didn't mention that there was no debate, but that's how Al deals.

What did occur was an international panel (IPCC) that made bold and frightening predictions for the Earth's climate future, mostly based on human production of CO2. Ignore the fact that only 20% of the IPCC members have any experience in climate science at all (and some have resigned because they felt their reports were manipulated). The other 80% are ambassadors, politicians, and government representatives, which might raise some untrusting eyebrows even without the mutiny.

So get on with it! There are so many, many unanswered questions floating about, and it would be interesting to see and hear the 'believers' dance around the facts. If humans really cause warming, don't just proclaim it, prove it!


We'll never know the truth about global warming in our lifetime. Both sides have an agenda and both sides lie. People simply choose which liar they like to listen to, it's like basing your opinion on what the media tells you.

Dances with Redwoods

"Archery field needed here"

Good idea, Mr Somershoe. That would make for another excellent feature at the park under construction on 3 mile lane. Perhaps if enough parties of interest were to offer-up their collective support and contribute, one would materialize.

Google Earth Mr Smiths Park & Museum (area) and was amazed by how much elbow room he still has out there. Just a thought.

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