Letters to the Editor - August 18, 2012

Letters from Brian Steffel, Tom Whitelaw, Tod Butterfield, Scott Gibson, Dean Klaus, Steve Patterson

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There are only 3 reasons why healthcare is out of control,Health Insurance Provider Greed,Hospital Greed,and Physician Greed,give these 3 arrogant leeches a set salary and there would be no healthcare problems.


To seeker59: give those 3 "arrogant leeches" a set salary and you won't have them any more. Most primary care physicians come out of medical school/residency with more than $150,000 in dept, and it takes them years to pay it off. Those in the primary care field especially struggle with this dept, leading them to not accept medicare patients because of the low reimbursement levels. This difficulty is already causing future doctors to consider other career paths (myself included, as a phd programs do not necessitate any debt). As a country we want our doctors to be well compensated, to keep the level of talent and ability high. Would you want your child to be treated by someone who is overworked, worried about their debt, and wishing they were in a different field? Is our healthcare system messed up? You bet! But paying a teachers salary to a doctor is only going to cause more problems.


when you have doctors bragging about being a 1 percenter or bragging about their 2nd house they just bought and they are not even a specialist then there is a big problem,The idea of medicine and doctoring is to help the ill and injured not to fleece the very people you take an oath to help.I do not know any poor or middle income Doctors.And I don't know any poor teachers either.It's all about the money and how much can I grab for myself.

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