Letters to the Editor - Aug. 30, 2013

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Re: Evergreen - I totally agree that Evergreen does lots of good for the community. However, shouldn't it do right, first and foremost, for the people who work for them?


Cee Ward, your comments are so riddled with error there is not enough space here to undo it.


Humbly Yours - I'm in total agreement with you.

Cee Ward - I know what I'm wishing for but unfortunately have to wait 1,200 more days to get rid of it.


Funny how those at the front of the line to use the soapbox are quite commonly the most ignorant. Proof that indignation and ignorance are not mutually exclusive.

Don Dix

Mr. Fuller wrote, speaking to global warming, "I miss the days when we could have debate based on common good rather than who is most faithful to some ideology."

Question: Are you saying that the theory of human caused of global warming is not an ideology, but the arguments against are? Really?

tony bell

The study of global warming is a science, not an an ideology. It's conclusions may be incorrect but they are based on the observations of thousands of scientists over the whole world and are endorsed by the National Academy of Sciences, the most prestigious body of scientists in the US.

What is surprising is the fact that so many of our people dismiss their advice.

Don Dix


It takes very little 'scientific expertise' to notice the Earth has warmed since the mid 1800s. There was an event named The Little Ice Age that was waning. The centuries involved were named the Maunder Minimum because the Sun was less active (that causes cooling).

Earth's climate history has been warmer and colder than today, and nearly every warm/cold event over thousands of years has been nicely correlated with the activities of the Sun, if one cares to look.

tony bell

Don there are many factors that affect the earth's temperature - volcanic dust, the Milankovitch cycle of earth's orbit variation, the 26,000 year wobble cycle of the earth on its axis, CO2, methane, oxides of nitrogen, the variations in the sun's thermal radiation etc. To understand all of these effects takes a lot of study and debate. The idea that you have any credibility on this issue by taking a single variable out and citing this as the determining cause of earth warming is an example of the cliche: a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

The I idea that climate scientists are not familiar with the long and short term ice-age climate changes is silly. The recent warming is occurring at a rate much faster than previous ice-age temperature changes and now greatly exceeds that of the "medieval warming" period occurring in about 1,000 AD. The subsequent "Mauder Minimum" was a cooling that occurred at about 1600 AD. However, global warming that has occurred after that is rapidly moving well beyond that of the previous maximum temperature that occurred in 1,000 AD.

One other thing, it took 5,000 years for temperatures to rise as rapidly as they have over the last century.

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