Letters to the Editor - Aug. 2, 2013

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(News-Register, July 19, “Off-leash dogs prompt warning”)

"Pets are prohibited entirely in Rotary Nature Preserve Park, Upper City Park, --> all park playgrounds


oops! there was a lot more to my previous post but where it went, I do not know! :)

anyway, leashed dogs not allowed on park playgrounds. How does one know what part of Discovery Park or all other parks is just that -- a playground? I found that part of the rule/regulation somewhat confusing.


Just an fyi, Discovery Meadows Park has a walking trail on the edges of the park for people with pets on leash and has containers that dispense waste collection bags for dogs. The playground area is off limits for dogs, and I'm assuming the water feature and the covered picnic area is also off limits. The regular dog walkers limit themselves to the trail that circles the park and the sidewalks that bisect the park.

Opinionated Observer

Does McMinnville have a park in which dogs can be taken off leash and run freely? As a Californian who is a future resident of McMinnville, I am surprised there are so many rules for dogs.
Dogs need to run freely in large open spaces to break up the monotony of a back yard and the ever present leash.
I am surprised at the lack of free open space in McMinnville.


McMinnville does have a spacious, well-equipped and well-maintained off-leash dog park. It features separate facilities for large and small dogs.
The problem is people who stubbornly insist on letting their dogs run loose in parks not designed or equipped for off-leash dogs and inflicting their bad behavior on others.
I am a responsible owner who very much resents irresponsible owners. Their bad behavior forces adoption of more and more regulatory measures.

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