Letters to the Editor - April 12, 2013

Homeless people need shelter

I think we have too many homeless people. I think we should have more shelters.

I go to First Baptist Church, and in the morning at my church there are people sleeping on the steps.

Why can’t we have more shelters?

Emma Grace Linder, age 9



Gun factions could combine

After more tragedies and deaths, we see another round of gun law debates across the nation. No one can diminish the terrible pain and suffering these incidents have caused to those involved, but to focus on elimination of a type of gun as the cure is a blind, emotion-driven approach.

These military-inspired-type guns are also used for legitimate hunting and shooting sports. A trained shooter can fire nearly as many rounds in a minute with 30- or 10-round magazines.

Fortunately, most perpetrators of these insane, mindless disasters are not familiar enough with guns to choose the more deadly, very common, semi-automatic or pump shotgun with large buckshot, which can spit out 30 projectiles with two pulls of the trigger and expend the equivalent of three-and-a-half 30-round magazines in a few seconds. Let us pray no one ever will, as these guns may be more common than the dreaded “assault” rifle.

I am much pro-gun but also pro-responsible gun ownership and handling. I would like to see the anti-gun and pro-gun factions work together to create laws that would give anyone committing a felony with a gun a minimum sentence of 30 to 40 years with no chance of parole. Yes, it would be costly, but how much does the revolving door cost when it re-releases criminals to continue to commit crimes with guns?

This would be a definite deterrent to gun crime, and it attacks the person creating the problem, not their tools, which have a legitimate place in our culture when used properly for the reason they are manufactured.

Common sense and knowledge — not speculation about guns by those unfamiliar with them -- and facts, not emotion, need pave the way for our next moves in legislation.

Gene Stebbins



Train forces about Korea

There is a chance we will return to Korea with military forces. I suggest the Army take with them some of us who have been around the ROK (Republic of Korea) soldiers both in Vietnam and Korea. There is maybe one fighting force in the world that compares to the ROK, and that is Israeli troops. But there are big differences because of the terrain.

Not many have seen a North Korean unit or witnessed what trained, hungry people can do. Then there is the KATUSA (Korean Augmentation To the United States Army) for squads of Americans.

If we do not go, at least listen to what we have to say about Korea. Terrain, training, language, leadership, MPC (Military Payment Currency), crossing rice fields, sighting underground bunkers and lots of other things could be taught here before deployment, but I volunteer to go with American troops.

James Galbreath



Pet food giveaways help

On March 30, the Homeward Bound Pets Thrift Shop sponsored a dog and cat food giveaway. All establishments in McMinnville that sell dog and cat food donated nearly 1,000 pounds of out-of-date food; the sealed bags of food were all date-stamped.

Volunteers interviewed eager customers about their pets — how many of each, whether they are spayed and neutered, etc. They received a bag of food for each pet.

My pet food bill for the next few months will be greatly lessened, and I thank Dawn Yvette Witt, director of the Homeward Bound Pets Adoption Shelter.

Watch the News-Register for these pet food giveaways once a year, usually in the spring or early summer.

Many pleasant volunteers manage the Homeward Bound Pets Thrift Shop, where a few felines reside. Many items are for sale, including books, recordings, DVDs, bed and table linens, glassware, useful household and kitchen items, tools and furniture. Many other miscellaneous items are well-organized and well-presented for sale, including, of course, pet supplies.

Over the years, I have donated many items to the store, all tax-deductible, and I am a regular shopper there as well. Sales at the store assist with animal upkeep and spay/neuter programs at the animal shelter.

Consider adopting a pet from the shelter. A friendly and furry companion can be a true source of comfort and joy, and they give a sense of balance and calm in our busy lives.

Joan Paddock





Perhaps Dr. Paddock could also reduce her monthly grocery bill by eating at the soup kitchen. It seems that internationally-acclaimed Fulbright scholars / professors of music don't earn what they once did.

troy prouty

posted "There is a chance we will return to Korea with military forces"

Maybe you meant in North Korea or more troops? We already have 34,000 or so troops in south korea and growing.


happy slap

Even the occasional Fulbright scholar falls upon hard times, Trafik. Life is not a given.

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