By Elaine Rohse • Columnist • 

Let’s hear it for the choir – or not

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Having sung in a church choir before, this is my best reason for not clapping. But before I state it, I want to say that I in no way think it is wrong and I have clapped many times in churches where it is more accepted.

That being said the reason I heard from my old music pastor and choir leader was that we are performing as worship of God and not for the praise or applause of men and women. I appreciated the idea and agree that applause can sometimes put the focus on the people performing than on God whom the words are normally about and who the praise is for. However, I do also believe that that applause can signal the enjoyment and sharing of worship. I therefore think that a short round of applause is appropriate but any extended, very loud, or standing ovation detracts from the worship and instead focuses on the performance.

The church I currently attend regularly applauds and I join in. But I always know that the songs are sung in praise of God and that is where our focus should be,

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