By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

Legislature approves bypass design funding

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grizzly football

I hope that this includes an overpass over the top of 219. 219 is becoming a mess because of the traffic routing issues. In attempting to solve one issue, another huge mess is being created and clogging another major transportation corridor. An overpass would solve that. Let's not create yet another ugly traffic mess in a attempt to solve the downtown issues.

Mac Native 66

Screw the Rex Hill mess, they need to go south on Hwy 219 to McKay Rd. and connect to I-5. But no one in a government seat has a brain to do that.


Mac Native 66 --i might be reading your statement wrong, but that is what they are doing. if you are going to dundee from mac you would get on Bypass as you enter Dundee. It will drop you on 219. (mckay to I-5) Southbound you can bypass newberg by leaving 99W at springbrook which will take you to the same road. It's essentially the same "shortcut" you take off of 219 now except it will drop you on the west side (bypass dundee all together) instead of the east side.

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