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Lawmakers lend ears, but express frustration

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Don Dix

From the article -- “If you want it, Kim Thatcher is going to have to vote for it, and she’s going to have to vote for a tax increase,” he said. “Hear what I said? There’s going to have to be a vote for a tax increase, because there’s no money.”

No money -- and yet the state has 'settled' with Oracle ($100M), and wasted over $300M on the failed Cover Oregon. Add to that the nearly $200M 'to study' the now defunct Columbia River Crossing.

See how easy it is to spend money foolishly when it isn't yours? And this '$600M' is just a small sample of the overall picture. Tax and spend is the rallying cry of Oregon's entire government structure -- and there is more to come by the time this session is finished!


Yeah...those poor overworked legislators.....Ha

Don Dix

tagup -- only in government does 'being there' translate into actually doing something.

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