Latest landfill proposal brings 'green' into play

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I am once again heaving a deep sigh. 5 years ago Riverbend was going to at least double in size. 5 years of ordinary local people complaining has gotten a reduction. HOWEVER, once again Texas Waste Managemeent is trying to buy off opposition with a promise of green jobs "somewhere in the future". Of course, all of their expansion plans must first be approved.

Same old-same old. Once this is approved, what makes anyone think that Waste Management will come back for more and more property.

Please note, this is still in the middle of a wetlands drainage area.


If adding acreage at the landfill is so easy, why are we five years in and just starting over? Obviously, it's not easy at all, and I think the company is proceeding with that in mind. It knows full well it will not be be able to "come back for more and more property."
I think the company is actually calculating its needs with some precision. It is counting on new green technology reducing the waste flow, and thus its landfill need, as reflected in its 37-acre expansion proposal.


I believe nothing Waste Management says. Nothing.

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