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Landlord locks out Los Molcajetes

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It sounds like the owners of Los Molcajetes have been in complinance with this landlord. I've been in this restaurant numerous times, for lunch, for suppers, for take out, with friends, sometimes I would eat alone. The atmosphere is wonderful, the staff great, the food simply delicious, especially the flan desert, delightful. I am wondering what the landlord's issue really is? It was said that he locked customers in? Those customers should do something about that, how can this man do something like that and not be spoken to by the police?


I agree MacMini, the restaurant is wonderful, but I have never gone into the back to inspect their disposal system..that is the issue...
That said, being a local business owner and speaking from first hand experience, I am afraid Los Molcajetes, along with Jack Thornton, could be the victims of a City employee of questionable competency who has a proven track record of inconsistent and inaccurate communication. We have had to waste company time to make numerous calls to his superiors in getting our concerns addressed, simply because when he visits our facility he talks incessantly and annoyingly about irrelevant subjects, avoiding our questions. He has become fodder for jokes among the employees, and we seriously continue to question his qualifications for the position. Mr. Williams possesses very poor grammar skills and my heart goes out to the Guitierrez family in trying to make any sense of what he may or may not have communicated to them. The family reports, and it was confirmed, that when they visited the City Treatment facility where Mr Williams is employed he was unable to be located despite the fact he was supposedly "working" that day.
We, along with other businesses who share the same opinion, continue to question the City of McMinnville on their judgement to employ someone of such low caliber as Mr. Williams who appears much more of a liability than an asset.


I have eaten there many times alone, with friends, and with a baby and the staff and atmosphere have been wonderful. It is sad that this has happened. I would like to know why this is suddenly an issue when in the past there has been a brewery there, don't they have a lot of waste with their brewing and food? There have been restaurants too that have served greasy foods, why is it that suddenly this has become an issue?

If it is a city employee who is never found, can't answer a question, and is inconsistent then something needs to be done about that employee. Anyone who he has created a problem for or has had issues because of his inconsistencies should be remedied by him personally not by the city.


I have had several calls and inquiries as to "what happened to Muni's", sadly I was afraid that Ol' Jack Thorton had finally locked them out for good this time!! It is not the first time he has "behaved " this way. We actually witnessed his indignant attitude first hand. He disrespects Muni and her staff, acts as if he has "special" rights when he is in the restaurant. While patrons were enjoying their meal he would enter his display area next door through a door on the interior wall of the restaurant. So am I surprized that he would LOCK patrons inside with the owners on Cinco DeMayo???
Our community will miss having Los Molcajetes open for business on 3rd Street this weekend with all the Aliens. Shame on Jack Thorton.
I wish Muni & family the best, and Jack Thorton to realize the error of his actions and that Los Molcajetes stays on as a part of our 3rd Street community.


I agree with Pilgrim. Shame on you Jack Thorton. Muni and the rest of the staff are amazing. Food is consistently good.
I'm wishing all the best to Muni and the rest of the Los Molcajetes "family". I certainly hope to see them open again in the near future. Hugs to you Muni.

troy prouty

In the article:

" Thornton could remedy the violation himself, but he didn�t follow through"

This seems a common theme in many ways. Noahs hours for example are a mess. Nobody knows when it is open and when it isn''t and it varies all the time. Not a smart way to run a business and be very successful with it.

I'm going to say this is probably a case of both parties could have handled their ends better along the way somewhere.

Troy Prouty*


I am so happy to see the News Register writing an article about Los Molcajetes. The people of Mcminnville who love the resturant need to know what Jack Thorton has been doing!!! From the very beginning... Why did it take 3 months to open the resturant??? Why did he wall up the back area of the resturant 2 years later claiming that space was not in the lease agreement??? AND if they want to rent that space it would cost them $2000 rent??? They asked if they could use an empty space next to the resturant for storage, he told them no and moved yard sale items in the window!! What is going on with him?? I am in total support of Muni and Rogelio, they are amazing and beautiful people!! They should never have been treated like this. I am hoping the court systems can give them justice and peace.


Having read the reader comments I must say that my personal experience with city employee Rick Williams has been nothing short of fantastic. He has been instrumental helping my place of employment to stay compliant with waste water laws and is exceedingly helpful with any questions or concerns I have had with new or current legislation affecting our company's intrests. He is effective and professional during his inspections.


Regardless of how "great the food is" They dont own the property, If I was the owner and the tenants were not maintaining the property I would take action too.


I would like to know what the Fire Department has to say about locking people into a public building during business hours. Thank God there wasn't a fire. My granddaughter was there and was forced to exit through the back. I have eaten here many times and found this restaurant to be very clean and the people are terrific. It sounds to me like the owner could possibly be trying to find a reason to break the lease. Maybe he has a better offer and is trying to push these folks out? I would hope the people of Mcminnville and surrounding areas would continue to support Muni and Rogelio until this issue is resolved in their favor.


Sounds like a bad situation for everyone. His actions were inmature and could have been communicated better. However he is the property owner. Im not defending him but if you own the buidling. He should not have locked anyone in the building. If he was warrented in the lock down he should have been escorted by Mcminnville police department. I am not familier with business leases but i know if you have residental rental property and you have a reason to lock someone out of their home you can have police to help you. Sounds like they need to sit down with a mediator and paper work from both sides and come to an understanding.


He locked customers in, held them against their will- sounds like a kidnapping charge to me. A fire hazard, a safety hazard that he should be held accountable for.

Even if the restaurant was at fault for some damages, there is a proper and lawful way to do things, and it sounds like this slumlord took things into his own hands and caused a problem not just for his tenants, but also for members of our community. He acted in an unlawful manner, and for that he should have a few charges and fines thrown his way.

Beware for the business who may someday take their place- if of course he is found guilty of the things stated.


The owners of Molcajetes are hard working and honest people. I have watched them create a thriving business in a location that restaurants have historically failed. Hard work, honesty, a little more hard work...and just being darn nice people can get you a loooong way in this wonderful nation.

Now, for Jack Thornton. What happened to you to make you such an irascible human being? Why is Noah's always closed? Where are your customers? Oh! Right. They are at Molcajetes. Jack...grow up. Be nice (...catch more flies with honey than s*&^) Say your sorry. No need to be jealous...just work harder, play fair, and people will like you too. Be glad you have a tenant that actually has a successful business AND an establishement that is loved by so many in your little town.

By the way, Jack. You didn't have to close the dance floor at the back of the restaurant either. You did close the dance floor, didn't you? People really liked their Monday night salsa lessons! And, why did you put the garage sale items in the front display window? That was also an interesting landlord tactic. Jack, I think McMinnville needs to put you on their prayer list. God still loves you. =)

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