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Lafayette woman allegedly involved in DUII crash

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troy prouty

From a legal standpoint, she was smart to refuse a test since she already had her license suspended with a previous conviction for DUII.

Troy Prouty*


Thanks Troy. Sounds like the voice of experience.


Well, isn't she just a sophisticated drunk driver, knowing she should refuse to blow? Please, Yamhill County Judges, post a higher bail before somebody gets killed by this woman - she has no regard for anyone else, obviously.


I agree with bamadrmz. Get this idiot off the street. By the huge grin in her mugshot, she obviously has no remorse either. And while you're at it, check legal status.


I agree she should stay off the roads, hopefully she can get treatment as jail time isn't having a huge effect. I would point out that that is a DMV photo, not a booking photo, and in order to get ID in Oregon you have to prove legal status. I'm thankful no one was hurt, and hope Lorraine can turn her life around.


You're an idiot! Like the saying goes" you never know what a person is going thorugh until you walk a day in their shoes!" I understand she's made horrible mistakes but she's only human. I just hope she get help from her beloved relatives and ditches those that say are her friends/ primas that only wish the worse for her and provide her with alcohol knowing that she has a drinking problem! I wish her the very best. And just because she has a Hispanic name & last name does not mean she illegal you moron! She was actually born and raised here! I bet she�s more legal then you are!


If you drink and drive, you're an idiot. Doesn't make any difference what you're "going through". Convicted of DUII in April and driving drunk again with a suspended license less than a month later, she's an idiot. Oregon didn't actually start requiring proof of legal status to obtain a driver's license until 2008. Oh, and I am legal, just not an idiot.


Pete eventhough I agree with your comment about no one knowing until you're in their shoes.. lay off the friends/primas accusation because obviously you don't know what you're talking about. Who are you to judge or comment on something like that unless you were part of it?

People that leave in glass houses shouldn't throw stones!!!! let's not be ignorant. this goes to all negative comments.


I do know! That's why I said it Shayaday! I know she has alot of worthy people that love her and want the best for her.. and others are just worthless people that all they do is talk smack about her behind her back and infront of her they say my friend lorraine and my prima lorraine I love you so much here have another drink ey ;) with the wish she will lose control and get in trouble again & again.. ...

troy prouty

posted "Thanks Troy. Sounds like the voice of experience."

Yeah, it's called legal studies. Try it sometime. wink.. You may not be able to get into all the classes, but with the right people helping you can take certain classes in law school !

troy prouty*


Well "Pete", seems like you have lots to appologize for. You don't know what you are talking about. We have been with her thru thick n thin...We are reading you're comments and wondering who you are? Because it doesn't seem you have correct information... Please do update your data before commenting.


pete has nothing to appologize for! i was with her that day and around group! i know what im talking about honey! i dont understans why youre getting so worked up for.. i never said all her fam and or friends were shitty friends or family..i said SOME! Its it called freedom of speech i can say all that i wish plus some!


pete has nothing to appologize for! i was with her that day and around your little group of "friends! i know what im talking about honey! i dont understans why youre getting so worked up for.. i never said all her fam and or friends were shitty friends or family..i said SOME! Its it called freedom of speech i can say all that i wish plus some!


not worked up!!! you can free your speech all you want but exclude the fam out of it because if you were with her "that day"...why didnt you use your freedom of speech stop her.

she wouldn't be where she is now, right!

troy prouty

Each person is responsible for their own behavior and the consequences of that behavior.

If she decides she wants to change her behavior because she is not liking the consequence.

I might suggest:

It's a free non pro-fit cognitive based system with meetings in the Portland area and you can go to meetings on line as well.

Its bases is that:

Thoughts lead to behavior

Therefore it puts a lot of focus on changing thoughts. It's a 4 point program:

Building and maintaining motivation
Dealing with urges
Self managing thoughts, behaviors and feelings.
Creating a lifestyle that emphasizes long vs short term satisfactions.

Troy Prouty*


To all who do not know my mother's situation, know what she did was not okay. what she is going through you all do not know. before throwing out offensive racial comments please be respectful... She has lots of loving family that enabled her because they did not know how to help, she does have friends who were not aware of her addiction. but it is apparent that MY mother has a lot to learn, and is simply lost. My mother has always been an amazing, loving person, and would help everyone if she could. but now she is learning that she needs to help herself. saying all this DOES NOT justify what she did nor am I saying it is okay. Because as her daughter I am very disappointed in her actions. She taught me a lot of what i know and growing up if i would have done this, i would have been in lots of trouble...... but ADDICTION is something that people need to be aware of, it can happen to anyone. and we are doing the best we can to be supportive with out enabling. My mother is still human and makes mistakes like everyone else, unfortunately her mistakes are a little more severe. So with all that said, love ya mom.

John Smith Jr

just curious, Is this the same lorraine that works in the mcminnville hospital billing department?


So a repeat offender, a liar, a drunk, a person who cares so little for others that she intentionally places them at risk, can't conform to her probation, an all around loser, yet she is out again, getting behind the wheel somewhere else and putting me and my family at risk as well as every other person in Yamhill County.

I don't care about an addiction when she is intentionally putting my family at risk. A what point did the addiction become more important then the life of others? At what point do you stop allowing the excuses? You enable the behavior, you hand out excuses like candy, and expect that because you use the word addiction, people should be more forgiving.

There is NO forgiveness when it comes to endangering another.

Would you be so forgiving if the person she hit flew into a state of temporary insanity and brutally beat your mother to death while protecting their children from her actions?

Ok, just saw the "in their shoes comment". Really? I have had some amazingly horrid things happen in my adult life, yet I have never, ever turned to drugs, alcohol, or pills. I have never broken the law in my adult life regarding getting behind the wheel while intoxicated, and I have never caused another pain from my actions. More fing excuses = no tolerance.

Why is it so hard to own it? ACCOUNTABILITY GOES A LONG WAY. "wow, I have really screwed up, wow, I have endangered every person I have passed in my drunken driving, I could have killed another human because of my own issues, I, I, I.

Own it, quit making excuses, quit enabling, right you wrongs, and live.


If you look around you there is a lot of people that are addicted and putting others in danger. It is a common problem in society today and ignorance doesnt change it. There is NO excuse for her actions, and it is apparent she is being held accountable for them. This will hopefully lead her in the right direction, an alcoholic she always will be but a "law breaker" hopefully not. There is no one in the world that can help her realize this but her and the choices she is making. I never said I have enabled, I havent made any excuses, and I never expected anyone to forgive. And I wish others could look up to you with the no turning to drugs or alcohol comment.But thats not how other's minds work and other people need more guidance.


And when I say ignorance, people that are struggling with addiction are just as ignorant to the world around them and are being selfish

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