Kris Bledsoe - So who do you think is taking your job?

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Hear! Hear! And not only do they not take our jobs, they enliven and enrich our lives. In the future they and their offspring will teach our children, care for our elders and share cultural and spiritual insights with us all. They will invent new technologies They will become authors, write poetry, create art. And they will be proud to call themselves American.

Sally G

Well written, Kris. Thank you.

Don Dix

Back in the day, many fields were harvested by the the area youth -- until the government began to evolve into the mother hen it has become.

However, I agree, we do need workers who will take up our slack, which in some instances is considerable.

A well thought-out discussion.


Well done Kris!
It is time Oregon follows Colorado AGAIN.

Just Saying

I do not agree with you,, I picked beans ,berries,, worked in the fields around DAYTON I grew up in DAYTON ,,, I also worked with the immigrants and saw what they destroyed,, Take a look at Dayton !!! There is nothing there anyone ,,if we let more immigrants ,,,McMinnville will be an other Dayton ,, and they do want everything for nothing ,,they work and draw welfare at the same time ,,they steal from everyone and everything ,,they lie to get what they want ,,,you really don't know them at all ,,,,do you???????

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