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KLYC returning to air Friday

The time — equivalent of 12:60 — was chosen to coincide with the station’s 1260 broadcasting frequency. The station’s rebirth will begin with a live public broadcast from the Granary District.

KLYC has been silent since March 26, after an earlier sale fell through. Following a NASA-style countdown, Adams plans to mark the moment with Kool & The Gang’s “Celebrate.”

Adams, a veteran of KBND in Bend and KGAL in Albany, is looking for local residents to share their memories of McMinnville in general and KLYC in particular as the station resumes, starting with the opening Granary District event.

Initially, he plans to staff the station alone. As the business grows, he’s hoping he can add personnel.

He said he is committed to maintaining the AM station’s traditional format. He said he let his KGAL audience know he would be making the switch Friday to KLYC.

“We have committed to it full-time, full-bore,” he said. “It’s now what we do.”

Larry and Stella Bohnsack owned and operated the station until Larry’s death, after which Stella listed it for sale. She had to get clearance from probate court to approve terms of the sale to Adams, which delayed proceedings for a few weeks.

Adams, who is planning to make his home in McMinnville, said he has now filed paperwork with the Federal Communications Commission for a license change. In the interim, he’s planning to operate under a Limited Marketing Agreement with Bohnsack Strategies, still owner of record with the FCC.

Adams said the FCC is requiring him to modify the station’s antenna system to reduce its nighttime signal strength to 25 percent. Its daytime signal will remain at full capacity, he said.

“All of the FCC concerns are being resolved,” he said.

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