By Elaine Rohse • Columnist • 

Kids in the fields

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I was born 1950, and when I was old enough to pick, my dad would drop mamma and I off at the bean field on his way to his job at the post office. Mamma and I sat on our bucket and we got coffee and some type of sweet thing. Then the sun started to come up, about 6, and down the row we went. I was supposed to pick 100# and mamma picked 500. Half of my summer money went for school clothes which she made and the other half went into savings bonds. I can remember mamma looking through the vines from the opposite side when she didn't see the vines moving and tell me to get off my bucket and get pickin. I did spent a lot of time on my bucket picking and sitting. Great memories, and don't put dirt clods in the bottom of the bag, they find out.

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