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Key museum planes on sale block

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This is very sad news for me. I love that Ford Tri-motor. Long time ago I watched it fly overhead and wished that I could be among its passengers. I vowed the next time they offered to take people for rides for a cost, I was going to be on it! I hope things work out so that if these 20 percent or more planes have to leave the museum, they can one day soon return.

Wish the responses here would not turn into an attack on Evergreen management and financial troubles. The Museum has meant a lot to me and thousands of others who have visited from all over the world. Undoubtedly, McMinnville people and businesses have benefited tremendously from the tourism that comes due to the Museum being here also.

Thank you Mr. Smith and Museum officials.


Thank you Katesoren. Well said regarding not turning this article into a war of words.

I too have long admired the Ford Tri-motor for it's vintage appeal. I grew up flying in small planes with my Dad who was a pilot and flight instructor. I only wish he could have lived long enough to visit the Museum. He would have been thrilled with all of the exhibits. I sincerely hope the Museum is able to work through these unfortunate legal issues and keep their doors open for many years to come.

Wondering stranger

It is a sad state of affairs for all. McMinnville and Yamhill County are losing a lot in this down turn of economy. With hope that one of the larger museums could purchase these planes and leave them on loan to Evergreen Museum. I would hope as Katesoren said that there is no attack on Evergreen or their management. It is a difficult time for all. All we know is what is being reported not what is going on behind the doors. Lets support Evergreen Museum. It is a great place of history for Yamhill County and the children to learn about aviation history.

Mary Starrett

Heartbreaking. A real loss for the county. I'm sorry for Evergreen and Mr. Smith- we all lose in this one. It's more than a business and a museum, it's been a destination and a community anchor.

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