Kent/Tricia Harrop - Good neighbors say goodbye

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Here we go..this site keeps kicking me off because..well, I'm not sure..maybe because as a lifelong resident of McMinnville I know more about what's going on and they don't like that. I have to say, I have no disrespect against this couple, but again, as a lifelong resident of Mac I have no idea who they are or why this is newsworthy. Did anyone know that Guy Fieri's grandmother lived here in McMinnville..she was just an incredibly awesome lady..doing aerobics at the age of 90...she passed away and News Register published her obit..but I messaged them to let them know she was his grandma..no response...

Sal Peralta

I will really miss both of them.

Jeb Bladine

No disrespect intended, RainD, just a response.
In selecting stories we often consider the past exposure of people to our readers. For example, a search of our online archives since 1999 shows “Harrop” appearing in 455 articles. “Fieri” appears once, that being in the 2009 obituary of his grandmother, Betty Lee Ramsay Ferry, who came to McMinnville late in life and whose name also appeared in our newspaper only that one time.
I have no doubt that, as you say, she was an “incredibly awesome lady,” and perhaps we should have written about her years ago.
As an interesting aside, Mrs. Ferry’s daughter and son-in-law, Jane and Bill Apel, both retired long-time local educators, have been close to Kent and Tricia Harrop over the years, and I suspect they would share in thinking the goodbye story about them was deserved.


I find it hard to believe that "as a lifelong resident of McMinnville" RainD has "no idea who (the Harrops) are..."; especially given her vaunted credential of knowing "more about what's going on..."

Really? I mean, really?

I suppose it's possible that RainD is very young, and thinks she has the pulse of the community in her hands because she's connected to social media, but this should be a wake-up call to her that she needs to lift her head up a little more and pay closer attention to what's actually going on around her.

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