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Keep your enemies close

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Hi Karl,

Thanks for the Great Review. I appreciate your interest and support. I'm sorry we didn't have time for deeper discussions, but I was up to my ears and rushing off to Arizona.

One minor misunderstanding. You'd asked me about Global Warming and noted that I was a disbeliever. I simply said, "That's a topic for another novel." It is not part of "Soft Target."

What I did not say was: "And this book has already been written." That would be Dr. Michael Crichton's excellent 2004 novel "State of Fear." I highly recommend his book. If you buy the Kindle version you'll also get some of his science papers.

In addition to his best-selling Thrillers, Crichton was also an MD and a PhD. The truth is that, like Dr. Crichton, I'm a "skeptic" about Climate Alarmism of the Al Gore sort -- with the drowning bears, rising seas, and all.

It's warmer now than 100 years ago and (much) cooler than 1,000 years ago. Global temperatures have been flat for the last 15 years.

It's better to term me a "Climate Alarmism Skeptic." I believe in BOTH global warming and cooling, but perhaps not so much in Washington's (both parties!) agendas.



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