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Keep fishing for funding to straighten the fishhook

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Thanks Editorial Board.

Very disappointed about not receiving TIGER V grant funds. However, efforts will continue in pushing ODOT and the state to find the funds to improve the fishhook. Senator George is 100% behind these efforts as he as well as many others realize that freight traffic will be greatly impacted by having to stop, make a left turn and then climb a curving onramp. I have faith that we will find the funds to address this entry issue for trucks.

I feel the biggest loss we suffered from not receiving the grant was a multi-purpose trail ODOT committed to building along the Bypass if we received the grant. That trail may still happen but funds likely won't come from ODOT or USDOT. If the trail along the Bypass is not built that will be a great loss to the citizens of Newberg and Dundee.

Ted Crawford

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