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Juvenile rock throwers arrested

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Just Lookin

Make sure they and their parents are held accountable for their actions. If nothing is really done, they and more like them will continue. What would have happened if someone were injured, or an accident was caused due to their actions. They were wrong, they know the difference between right and wrong. They and their parents need to do some type of community service. Hopefully a judge will hold them and their families accountable. They are not just kids being kids, they are now vandals


In what world are these children growing up in that they think this type of entertainment is acceptable? Glad they were caught, but it seems that if their mentality is such that they find this humorous, they need some severe re-education, parenting, and positive role models in their life- none of which they are likely to gain.
Hoping this was isolated in that they are typically good children who did a boneheaded thing a few times, and not criminals in the making.


Kids do stupid things, we have probably all done things that were wrong in the past and we learn from them so lets hope these kids do the same - fun is different for kids than it is for adults, they don't always think things through - heck, when i was a kid i though it was fun to climb in a boat that wasn't mine and go for a little ride with my kid brother in the creek - i didn't know how to swim and neither did he, boy, i think back and realize that was stupid - my mom thought i was playing in the backyard while she was cooking, another time i was throwing water ballons at cars from the top of a bridge - yup, stupid, but i got nothing more than a good spanking and long lecture, couple of extra chores, i learned from it and turned out ok.

yes they are responsible for what they did and they should have to pay for the damamge and get a little punishment but if they haven't been in trouble before, i say don't treat them like criminals, just like kids that made a stupid decision they have to pay for and learn from

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