By Carl Dubois • 

Just before soccer season, another coaching change at Mac High

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should have kepy Sean Burke as the A.D,, to bad his boss couldnt handle him being a better administrator than he was.
Burke was an awesome administrator who could help everyone. Sad situation at the High School


I am happy someone finally spoke up in defense of the soccer program. It was high time someone stood their ground. No doubt this is a football town, but the soccer team has made it to state for the last four years and they need turf time too. They should be able to rotate times. The soccer team also plays twice a week, they need to be able to practice as well. No one team sport should be treated better than the other, but the football program is always being treated like royalty. It's old! Shame on the School District for not admitting why they fired the coach, instead stating �I can�t really comment on the situation since it�s a personnel matter,� Hinthorn said, �but there is a change going on.� PLEASE! There is no change and that is the problem, start giving credit where credit it due! Congrats to this guy for having the you know what to stand up to someone!


Football brings in the money, soccer does not. While I agree with you MamaBear, facts are facts.

At least it isn't Texas with their new high school football stadium costing 60 million dollars- approved and built.

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