By Paul Daquilante • Staff Writer • 

Jury acquits abuse suspect

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No details as to why he was acquitted?


Jury decision. Made behind closed doors, so no way to tell. Sorry.

Steve Bagwell, Managing Editor


(No need to apologize) Its just sad they don't do more to help earn his reputation back (although, i haven't read any back story on this matter)


I was one of these girls. The judge made a bad decision when it came to a false comment made by my father. He said that he would be willing to take a polygraph when in fact he refused to take a polygraph for well over a year. But Ms.Lynch was not allowed to tell the jury that my father was lying. He knew that polygraphs were deemed inadmissible in court and he said it anyways hoping there would not be a mistrial. Ms.Lynch really tried for a mistrial but the judge decided to tell the jury to ignore that statement. He does not deserve a good reputation. I will never know why my father was completely acquitted on all acounts but what I do know is that my sister and I got up on that stand and told the truth. My father did not. I am relieved that my father won't be spending the remainder of his life in prison but I will not allow people to believe that was he innocent of these charges.

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