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Jeffries disputes account Lewis offers on bypass

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It is amazing what politicians will do to maintain momentum for their desired projects. The purpose is to reach the "no turning back phase". It was successfully used (as an example) with the Tram in Portland that was forecast to cost $7-10 million and ended up costing about $55 million. Once the politicians reached the "no turning back phase" they were in the clear no matter what the cost. That has been the approach with the Newberg-Dundee Bypass. Information and cost is/has been orchestrated in an effort to reach the "no turning back phase". Once the "phase" is reached it is full speed ahead regardless of the quality of the project.

The Newberg-Dundee Bypass is projected to be the most expensive project in ODOT history easily surpassing the nearest sizable project by over a half billion dollars. Most likely the rest of the project will never be completed leaving the Bypass with a very expensive partial project of limited value.


The important take away from this article is that it was not an accident that this information was not revealed.

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