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Jarnagin sentenced to 22 months in prison

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This is a sad story with a sad ending. Maybe someday he’ll get the punishment he deserves!

In Mac Lurking

Maybe you will someday know what you are talking about before you comment on something you obviously know nothing about. I sat through most of this trial and believe Judge Collins' made the only decision he could, based on the facts of this horribly sad case. Without exception, this case moved everyone involved and was a difficult trial to watch. To see the pain on Aleeha's Mothers face during much of the trial was very difficult and I believe touched most of us there to the core.

It is so easy to believe, based on the reporting alone, that anyone responsible for this tragic death of an infant should be hung immediately, until it's you sitting there being judged. Once it;'s you sitting there, you will suddenly hope you have someone as unbiased, fair, and honorable as Judge Collins.

Sometimes, accidents really do happen.....


In Mac Lurking,

You are correct when stating "Judge Collins' made the only decision he could, based on the facts of this horribly sad case.", but I think you are missing my point. My point is that a 7-month old baby died because of a person's negligence (or even abuse), and 3 years in county jail doesn't seem like justice. I don't know the letter of the law, and I have a great deal of respect for Judge Collins; however, judging Mr. Jarnagin based on Oregon Revised Statues is not my job. In my opinion, his punishment -- in no way -- fits the crime. Let’s not forget that Mr. Jarnagin couldn’t even give a clear explanation of what happened. Eventually admitting to several different stories including; possibly hugging her a little too hard, dropping the baby on the concrete step, dropping the baby inside the kitchen, dropping the baby in bathroom, and even throwing the baby in the bathtub!

The defense thinks these were false confessions cause by stress! I don’t care how stressed out I am, I will never lie to a detective and tell him I threw a baby into a bathtub just so I can get out of an interview that I was free to walk away from at any time.


Jay-bee-You will be judged also since You have judged I & I can just imagine the trial You will go through . You remind me of a horrible sight I saw once of a man who was so smugly & sanctimoniously pious he wore a coat that actually had the words 'When We Come The Wicked Run' .I will never forget it as long as I live- it was one of the most heinous & sinister things I have ever seen in my life.- I myself feel guilty I haven't commented before.I know Kevin & he's a loving father & an all around nice guy.I was horrified that he was even charged with murder in the first place & feel so badly for the nightmare he & the baby's family have been through.Did it ever occur to You he was in shock when questioned? So grateful for competent /just defense lawyers & judges. I would like to urge anyone else who thinks about posting a craven/callous/devoid of human compassion comment to think twice about it. Kevin-You have so many people that are pulling for You and care about You & want to see You out of jail & able to be with your kids & loved ones-ASAP!


The problem with this article is that it made it in the paper. This tragedy is not for the public to read. I myself endured of the near drowning of my daughter when she was 1. The constant pain that I still have from that terrifying moment will forever be engrained into my brain and is enough punishment for anyone. My heart goes out to Kari and her family I know right now that pain they must be going through could be more than any sane person could deal with. The part that makes me sick is this article. Leave these kind of instances out of the paper. This is the families business and no one elses. My heart goes out to the families who have had to see these articles. This disgusts me.


Judgeing? I will not accept that a few years in county jail is an acceptable punishment for this! How much time do people get for robbery? Did I miss something here? Is it acceptable to throw baby into a bathtub?


I agree with you Bologna1. I have strong opinions about this issue, but I'm done talking about it on here.

Jon Donaldson


You make assertions about what you would or would not do under a situation of extreme duress. Words are words, their worth exactly nothing. That is no different then stating that in an aggressive kinetic combat situation you would "kill the bastard", or some kind of macho bravado. Fact is, you don't know. You can train and train and train for it, for years, and until its actually real and happening to you, you don't know how you will react. Statistically, the military says less than 1/3 people when faced with a fight or flight moment of intense duress will stay calm and fight sober minded.

You're no different. I am not defending the ambiguity of the matter, and some one lying over and over. But what I am defending is that you don't have a clue, that is why we have courts, so people like you and me who don't have a clue what actually happened, and thus don't rate to make judgement, ARENT responsible for determining what happened and what is deserved.

This kind of outlook is very typical for your average McDonnald's eating happy go lucky completely blissfully unaware of reality outside of their box American, who has never had to sit down and fight for anything, and never had the press put to their head. Brownie was correct in saying that someday, if you ever find your self against a wall with someone coming after you for blood, you'll pray for people with an open mind, with intelligence, and patience to figure out the difference.

Your naive ignorance is strictly appalling.


You all make me laugh!

In response to you Jon, I suppose you think District Attorney Brad Berry and Deputy District Attorney Jayme Kimberly are, “…average McDonald’s eating happy go lucky completely blissfully unaware of reality outside of their box American, who has never had to sit down and fight for anything, and never had the press put to their head.” At least they stood up for Aleeha and Keri.

Also you say, “You can train and train and train for it, for years, and until its actually real and happening to you, you don't know how you will react.” I don’t need training to tell the truth when an -- ACCIDNET -- happens. Apparently Kevin didn’t train enough on how to lie, because he didn’t tell the same story twice!

skull crusher

I totally agree with you Jay-Bee! The punishment does NOT fit the crime. Some of the posters here sound like they may be Mr.Jarnagin's family members or close friends. The fact remains that a little baby died. I do understand that accidents happen but, when you are abusing a defenseless baby and the child dies, that is no accident! He is clearly a derranged and psychotic individual! He should have gotten a stiffer sentence. Maybe let the mother of this child help come up with a punishment that fits this crime. People need to turn their bleeding hearts down a notch!


So. I think that this is a terrible tragedy for all of the families involved. I am not related to, nor do I know Mr. Jarnagin, and I have this opinion. I do not believe that he intentionally harmed this child. I do not have much faith in the justice system in this county...but I think that Judge Collins got it right. I think that Jarnagin was responsible for the safety and well being of that child, and while he should have been there to protect her, or help her if she was in an extreme situation, I think his age and lack of experience made it difficult for him to act with a clear head. I was a trained, certified emergency responder in my late teens and young adult life...yet, when my son swallowed a quarter in the store (how he got it I will never know) when he was 3, I panicked and froze. When something happened to my son, years of training and experience did me no good. I think that we will never really know what happened that day, in that bathroom, involving that child, and that young man...but what we can do is hope and pray that the family of Aleeha will in time be able to make something positive out of such a horrible untimely loss of a young life....AND that Mr.Jarnagin learns from this, and becomes the kind of man he needs to be to be a productive member of society.


Skull Crusher-
It's funny that you say the mother should come up with a punishment to fit the crime. If you followed the case at all, you would know that the mother actually testified FOR Kevin and stayed with him for a majority of the 3 years he was in jail. It wasn't until the end that they split up, and she STILL testified for him, saying that she felt like Kevin really loved Aleeha and didn't do anything to purposefully hurt her. As the article states, accidents happen. Everyone is extremely sad that Aleeha is no longer with us, but condemning an otherwise innocent man isn't going to bring her back.

Also, to anyone who thinks that jail is the only punishment that comes along with an accusation such as this; you are incredibly wrong. His name is forever tainted. Look at all of you jumping to conclusions based on NEWS ARTICLES! If only everyone could see the WHOLE picture of what went on in the courtroom, and ALL of the evidence that proves his innocence... Instead of using your time to bash his name more, why don't you drive down to the courthouse and do your own research. You would be surprised at what you'd find.

skull crusher

The mother testifying for him just shows how stupid she must be. I heard she really didn't seem too bothered when her son was killed a few years ago. Guess I gave too much credit to this woman.

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