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It won't be enough to control weapons

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Well said! Our culture of violence begins in the home, where young children are given violent and bloody video games to keep them occupied. The news media is also to blame, for it is no surprise that another incidence of murder, or attempted mass murder followed often by suicide happens following the media circus of the first. We also glorify war, calling all of our soldiers "heros". While some undoubtedly are, I'm sure that the majority would deny that label.
We already have enough laws on the books. Another law passed from a knee jerk reaction will not solve anything. In fact, just the possibility of another being passed has caused a flood of the very fire arms and high capacity magazines in question to be purchased. The suppliers can't keep up with the demand.
The problem won't be an easy one to solve, but passing more laws won't be the answer. The only consistent winners in court are the lawyers.

Dances with Redwoods

Seems like Hollywood film producers are allowed to own (or possess) weaponry not availiable to the rest of American citizens. Is employing the use of such weaponry a 1st Amendment issue not to be infringed upon?

Why do the 1st Amendment rights of Hollywood filmmakers/producers carry more water than that of all other non-politicized Americans?

Where is the sanity in that exercise of power?

Dances with Redwoods

I mean think about that, who else in America is allowed to rent A-10 Warthog's, Gatling Cannons or just about any other belt/chain-fed fully automatic' Heavy Weapon's that they desire, soley for the purpose of entertainment?

Gotta wonder if actors that have been convicted of a felony ..or.. had/have serious mental health issues are allowed to 'act' with firearms capable of firing real ammunition, and if so, why?

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