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It's Bonamici in a walk

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Christopher W. Osborn

Thank God!! SEIU and AFSMCE members can get back to napping.


This is a great day for us Oregonians. We still have someone representing us who shares our values.Now I can relax assured that all I hold dear will be protected.
She will make sure those damn CEO's who work 80 hours a week for their entire adult life are not rewarded for it. She will make sure I get a good chunk of their money.
I can still sit on my porch and drink beer all day knowing that my welfare check will be in the mail.
My teenage daughter can now rest easy knowing that her and her boyfriend can continue to have sex anytime they feel the urge and if she gets problem Ms. Bonamici will insure that it is legal for a doctor to kill the baby while it is in her uterus and those rotten CEO's and their ilk will even be forced to bank roll that too.
And the pot my wife and I enjoy on her fraudulent medical marijuana card?? No problem, it's still safe.
I could go on, but I won't. I'm on my way to the Doctors office to get a free check up and a prescription for some free Vicodin. Aaaahhhhh... all is well and life is good here in Oregon.


Good job Ms. Bonamici! There is hope for everybody, that includes those below the poverty line. Ms. Bonamici doesn't see poor Oregonians or rich Oregonians, she just sees every day people trying to keep a roof over our heads and a meal on our tables.

Don Dix

Three possibilities exist for Bonamici:

1. Based on the proximity of the next election, it would be quite surprising if Bonamici does anything but campaign.

2. Due to her freshman status, there is no guarantee she will be appointed to any meaningful committee position.

3. If there is a meaningful appointment, that would likely indicate Bonamici has 'promised' her votes to Queen Pelosi.

#3 is the likely outcome, with #1 the runner-up. However it plays, Bonamici will do much better than the people she claims to represent.

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