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Intoxicated motorcyclist injured in crash

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This was the Northbound lanes. Also, Life Flight landed in the field across from Bunn's Village and Bunn Road.


Yeah. Stand corrected NR! These are important details...

troy prouty


CTrunde was responding to an article that wasn't fully reported yet. When he responded they hadn't a clue what lane the accident was in - ect..etc.. One fault of the NR is that at times they had to the article after people post and it makes people posting seem out of touch with what is said or seems out of place - Which often isn't the case. For example if they change this article to be about ice cream.. Our comments will be silly. Unless it is a northbound drive through. wink..



Indeed, I was not critiquing the little details. I was intending to provide information that was stated as unknown by the NR in the original article.

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