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Immigration detainees in Sheridan lead to protests

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The whole "ripped from their families" and "separated from their kids" language seems a little odd. I guess it's a new tactic from those who don't believe in our nations laws.
From the beginning of time all law breakers, immigration or otherwise, have had to deal with being arrested and separated from their families.
The solution seems pretty simple and straight forward to me, if you want to keep your family together...obey the law!


Agreed!!! Joel2828


Agree also. Play stupid games win stupid prizes. Unfortunately the kids suffer the consequences of their stupid actions. They knew this would happen. Come in legally...what part of that don't they understand?


I think you are all forgetting one thing. Many of these people simply presented themselves to authorities at the border, seeking nother more than a fair hearing on a petition for asylum.

What purpose are we possibly serving by deliberately separating young children from their parents? Are we trying to punish the parents, the children, or both?

And in the case of asylum seekers, for what offense? They have taken the only legal course of action available to them, violating no laws it the process.

The new Trumpian policy of forcibly wrenching children form their parents violates all standards of humanity, even in cases where desperate parents have entered the country illegally.

For God's sake, why? What possible purpose does it serve for us, and how does that purpose outweigh the horrors we are inflicting on these poor children.

This is as un-American as the Japanese internment during World War II. It is unconsionable. It is beneath us.



sbagwell- I agree and well stated.


My son was part of a wrestling team that went to South Africa and camped along a river with the team one night. The people in charge told them if they crossed the bridge down the road they would immediately be shot. That’s how some country’s treat people that enter their country illegally. Does anyone even know if the people taken to Sheridan were gang members or criminals of some kind? Or where they just people crossing the border illegally?


sbagwell, well said! I agree with you. Not only is it reminiscent of the internment camps, but also the persecution of German Jews by the Nazis. They separated families.

Sal Peralta

Well said, Steve. Totally agree.


Internment camps and Nazis! Such accurate comparisons lol. Poor little Pedro/Ahmed living in a tent behind barbed wire, patrolled by soldiers and dogs. Enforce current immigration law and MAGA!

Sally G

Most of the 123 immigrant detainee men at Sheridan FCI were from Central America (El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala), seeking asylum from the extreme violence of their own country. Crossing the border is a civil offense not a criminal one. Never should they be put in prison, nor should they be separated from their families.

The women who crossed at the border seeking asylum have been imprisoned near Sea-Tac airport. We still do not know where their children have been taken --- and it's been a month since they were detained at the border. I find that abhorrent, inhumane, and immoral.

When my ancestors immigrated in the late 1600's to the country that is now called the United States, they had no papers. They bought a piece of land that had been "purchased" by a man from the local indigenous tribe which didn't understand the concept of personal property. By English law, that wasn't criminal, but it sure seems like a crime to me. One line of my ancestors even owned a few slaves in the early 1700's in what is now Brooklyn, New York.That wasn't considered a crime either, but we all know better now.

I can't pass judgment on people who try to emigrate to the United States to escape violence or poverty, to seek freedom or education. I would do the same for my children. It is a shame that with current immigration law, there IS no way for most people from Mexico or Central America to immigrate to the U.S. legally.

I prefer to live in an America that is compassionate, diverse, and welcoming. That's what makes America great.


Sally G, YES!! Agreed.


Why don’t you people try to expend some of your energy on the problems that face people in our own country instead of people trying to enter this country illegally. We have starving children,homeless,battered woman and numerous other things that need to be fixed for the people that were born and raised here.


Jim, Yes!! Agreed.
And honestly what do they good do they think it is going to do to stand on an overpass in Sheridan and wave little card board signs at people who are coming home from the coast? Do they think one of those people driving by is going to pull of the highway, come into the prison, have a chat with the warden and walk out with the 123 guys? Good grief. If these people really want to make a difference they need to put down the posters and go out and do some kind of work/service project to help someone in need. Problem is that takes effort. Much easier to march around town or stand on bridges waving signs.


And I could be wrong on this, but I think this is much more about their frenzied hatred of President Trump then it is about immigration. I have a feeling that if this same policy had been enacted by the Obama administration these same people would be standing on the bridge with a bull horn saying "we are so grateful that Pres Obama has welcomed these desperate, cold, hungry refugee's into our community and sheltered them in this warm, clean, well lit correctional institution where they receive a warm bed and free meals and free medical/dental care while they petition for asylum and await their hearings.


I think you are on to something. Prior to Obama's election it was quite usual at the for a group of sign waving people to gather on the corner of Second and Adams Streets to protest whatever war we were in then. After Obama was elected they never showed up again. My neighbor was an active participant. I asked her what happened. She said "Oh, people were just not interested anymore".


Agree with Steve Bagwell. Serious bad karma to the rest of you heartless jerks


Kinda comes down to who we are as individuals and who we want to be as Americans.....unfortunately there are a lot of people in our country that make decisions out of fear.


So you people really thinks as a nation we need to spend more time worrying about illegal immigrants than a Veteran that is penniless and destitute or a child that can’t get three meals or a woman that gets beaten by a husband or boyfriend? If you do you live in a America I want no part of. We need to take care of our own people first and if that’s heartless somebody better go to their crying closet. This is the greatest country on earth and I’m proud to be here.


It doesn’t seem to me to be an either/ or decision....both can be achieved with decency and compassion....


Doesn’t have to be an either/or decision. Honestly Jim, I don’t get your logic


I have no problems with legal immigration. My grandparents were immigrants. I have a huge problem spending money chasing and detaining a bunch of people that don’t want to come here legally. I have friends that ranch In Arizona and New Mexico and what they have been put through on Century old family ranches is atrocious by the illegal immigrants. They now get to sleep with guns next to their beds. If we didn’t spend the money we spend trying to catch,House and feed these people our country could take care of our own people a lot better. Maybe you have forgotten 9/11 but most of this nation has not. If you liberals want all these people in this country then I suggest you each take 10 each and pay for their health care,housing and food out of your own pockets not the rest of the taxpayers.

m or s

Telling parents that their children are being taken to the "shower" only to be carted away is reminiscent of Nazi Germany. Not letting the workers in the "shelters" touch and console small children is evil (as reported today by a visiting doctor.) We are a nation of refugees, of immigrants, and yes, of laws. It is amazing that a few commenters equate caring about refugee children and families as not believing in the nation's laws. Many of these families have done exactly what the law requires from those seeking asylum, yet these families and their children are being used as political capital.

It is interesting that some commenters think that community members who care about refugee families and children do not care and do nothing to help and support veterans, homeless, etc. The people who walked on Thursday evening are the same people who work hard every day to provide housing, clothing, food and utilities to struggling community members. Their hearts are big. Their compassion real. Their concern is not just about the refugees but about our country and what kind of people/government we are that we would treat refugees/children so callously.

marilyn walster


Therefore, whomever takes the lowly position of this child is the greatest in the kingdom of Heaven. And whomever welcomes one such child in my name, welcomes me.

Matthew 18


I would like to know exactly how many of these so-called protestors house illegal immigrants in their home who are not vetted and they do not know by any means.

0, right!

Hypocrites, each and every one of them!!!


So only those with the means to house immigrants should be allowed to protest ?...Not sure I follow your logic....


We need to give American citizens equal protection. Those charged with breaking and entering should be allowed to take their little ones with them to the detention center.


Facts & Consequences
Facts - The men being held are in one of two categories, convicted criminals that are pending immigration hearings (they have the ability to bond out unless they are aggravated felons) or those who have had their asylum cases adjudicated and found deportable in an immigration court by a federal immigration and absconded after being told they need to return to their home country. Fact: Illegally crossing the US border is a criminal & a civil offense; Title 8USC1325 (misd.) & Failure to Depart is a felony; Title 8 U.S. Code § 1253 (felony) / Section 212 of the Immigration and Nationality Act (civil). So, they've either been criminally convicted in a local, county, or state court and are pending an immigration hearing or they have absconded with an outstanding warrant of deportation and were caught by ICE agents.

Consequences - They have made several deliberate and preventable actions that now require them to be jailed until they have their immigration hearing or be deported. Since we cannot jail their children with them (the same as any jail in the USA) this becomes the consequence. Their children can also join their families at their countries of citizenship which avoids all the separation.

Immigration enforcement is not un-American - it's the law, and we are a Nation of laws. The same laws we as a People determine we need, want, and will enforce. The same laws that allow people to protest and unless something has drastically changed with the Constitution I will support both. That is what being an American requires.


*by a federal immigration judge


For those still in favor of separating children from their parents, Bill O'Reilly has a few words for you: “The government should know how bad this looks and how innocent children are actually suffering.” he wrote. “That kind of scenario is unacceptable to most Americans.”


With Health and Human Services "overseeing" this disgusting internment, you know there will follow abuses, sexual, physical and psychological, suicides and more. Maybe they can assign them jobs--consider "Albeit macht frei," [work sets you free], the sign greeting the deported to Auschwitz.


Clay While your explanation may be accurate for the group in Sheridan, it doesn't explain the large scale actions at the border..

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