By Nancy Carlson • Columnist • 

If only I'd known about 'Old Yeller'

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I read the book Marley and Me and the next to last chapter had me bawling like a baby and believe I am no baby. Age 83 certainly does qualify for an adult who should know that animals do die. I have had my share of pets that have had be put down due to illness or injuries and i did my share of bawling when that happens and vowing never to get another pet. Well, I have not replaced my beloved Pomerian Luci which was 17 years old when her heart gave out. That was 30 years ago. enjoy your column. Joan L. Yoder, Eugene, Oregon


This subject is so true. "The Yearling" just about did me in. "Old Yeller" was heartbreaking. You couldn't pay me to watch "Marley and Me."

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