By Elaine Rohse • Columnist • 

I was not a snuggly grandchild

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I was very fortunate to have three Grandparents. My Father's Dad passed away when Dad was a youngster so of course did not know him but dearly loved both Grandmothers and the one Grandpa. Kept in touch with them even though we moved a state away. Now that I am a Grandparent and Great Grandparent I know how much they appreciated my love.


I love this column; I love the person you have become.

Remorse and regret are hard to live with. On a totally different level from yours I feel the same about my smoking days; I am appalled at my obliviousness regarding non-smokers' rights, their health issues, my invasion of their space. I meant no harm; it just never occurred to me to question whether I had the right to impose my own 'needs' onto others.

All I can do now is make sure that I am sensitive to other people's comfort levels, physically and emotionally. On occasion, I still fail.

Perhaps you might find it helpful to seat yourself in front of an empty chair and at long last have the conversation you never had.

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