By Nathalie Hardy • Columnist • 

Housing Authority approves more vouchers

When Jerry Wilson took over as Yamhill County Veteran Services Officer, he knew homelessness among veterans was a problem. 

The picture became clearer when he started working with the Housing Authority of Yamhill County, assisting veterans with obtaining Section 8 housing vouchers in a new fast-track program.

In September, he handed out two vouchers. In October, he distributed eight, mostly to homeless single veterans with small children.

The Section 8 program, named after being the eighth section of the Housing Act of 1937, requires a tenant to pay 30 percent of his or her adjusted monthly income toward rent and utilities.

Currently, the waiting list for Yamhill County is closed, so something like a fast-track program for veterans is one of few ways to obtain a voucher for Section 8 housing.

The expedited program for Veterans started this summer in response to Housing Authority staff identifying a need for homeless veterans and working with Human Health and Services to find a solution. 

When Wilson began, he said he started working with the Housing Authority to get applications and assisting qualified veterans in filling out the paperwork, and by vouching for them in a cover letter. 

“It helps give veterans a leg up and shows them our commitment to reducing veteran homelessness,” Wilson said.

Given the demand for them, and the success of the program, Wilson applied for 10 more vouchers. The Housing Authority Board approved his request on Oct. 30.

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