By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

Hotel has designs on downtown

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@Emrick, if you build it, I will come. It looks beautiful.

troy prouty

I agree. I think it looks good.

troy prouty*

Mark Langlois

Looks fantastic. I live in Los Angeles and come to see family every couple of months. When it's completed I will be staying in that Beautiful Hotel. Very Nice architecture.


Looks awesome. Great presentation. Please use local labor while you're at it!


@Emrick, Thank you for keeping money in the community and investing in our Downtown! We are very excited to have you a part of the Downtown Community of businesses.

John Smith Jr

Yup, looks good on paper anyway!


I live here, and while I do like Mac, I often wonder why exactly people build lodges, and hotels. Do they really get enough business to justify the expense? What am I missing? I don't think if I didn't live here I would come to stay overnight...

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