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Homeless numbers fall as concern rises

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Sal Peralta

I am really skeptical about the accuracy of these counts. Prior to the police action ahead of TurkeyRama, we saw a steady increase in the number of people at FBC/First Pres over the course of the last year.


That isn't much of a change on paper.

McMinnville Planning Department

The significant change in numbers that Jeff Sargent referenced in his remarks was the data relative to sheltered and unsheltered. According to the data collected there were 558 people without shelter in 2016, and 270 in 2017. That is a significant decrease in people without shelter. Conversely,there were 167 people with shelter in 2016, and 223 with shelter in 2017. And those with precarious shelter (such as couch-surfing or doubling up with a family member), were 472 in 2016 and 573 in 2017. So although the Point in Time count is not an exact science, at this time it is one of our primary reference points and the trends from that reference look promising - from 2016 to 2017 - it appears that there were more people accessing shelter than the year before.

The Point in Time summary can be found on the City of McMinnville website at Search for Homeless Subcommittee and it is part of the meeting materials for August 14, 2017.

The McMinnville Housing for Homeless subcommittee meets on the second Monday of each month, 4:00 PM, at the Kent Taylor Civic Hall Conference Room, 200 NE Second Street. It is a public meeting.

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