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Heidt arbitration case to be re-heard

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What you could do with a big fat chunk of city money:

You could fill every Giving Tree request in Yamhill County. You could purchase hundreds of coats and backpacks for schoolchildren in need. You could start a homeless shelter. You could offset winter utility bills for families in need. You could fund drug and alcohol counseling. You could stock the YCAP and Salvation Army pantries until they are bursting. You could build or upgrade a city park. You could help veterans who are hurting. You could fund public transit for a good period of time. You could do so much to help so many.

Or you could flush it all down the toilet defending/compensating this drunken thuggish oaf of a (former) police officer and his loudmouth wife. The entitlement mindset of this no-class couple is mind-boggling.


What a bunch of bull.
Why would Heidt want to return to a job when nobody--with the exception of his wife--wants him? If he wants to shove people around, and it's obvious how much he enjoys it-- why not be a bouncer? He's an embarrassment to the city, the police department and himself.
His rotten bullying behavior will only worsen over time.


I dunno, Lulu. Although a bouncer position might be a good fit intellectually for Former Officer Heidt, it's awfully close to the booze of which he is so fond. On the other hand, Former Officer Heidt as a bouncer should make for some entertaining news stories, albeit at the expense of innocent bystanders.

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