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Heidt arbitration appeal ill-advised and unworthy

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Could the Police Union please tell us just what it takes for them to agree an officer must be let go? Is there any amount of despicable behavior that would justify a dismissal?


When, say, a restaurant employee is caught on video roughing up a customer, he is summarily fired. When a bank teller is caught in flagrante delicto lying, he or she is immediately terminated. When a large falling-down-drunk man tries to break into a house, terrifying its occupants, he is very nearly always jailed.

But if you're a McMinnville police officer, you can do all of these things and rest assured that the union will fight for you to keep your job, your rank, your pay, everything. McMinnville police officers are held to a completely different--and far lower--standard that the rest of the community.

If this is truly the local standard, I would be embarrassed to wear a badge that says "McMinnville."


Well said.




The McMinnville police union "To protect and serve our own- at all costs!"


A point that is being missed: these are offenses for which a non-police-officer would be jailed,not merely terminated.

• Assaulting a man without provocation, jail.
• Falsifying a police report, jail.
• Getting oneself into a drunken stupor and assaulting a man in a bar, jail.
• Attempting while drunk to violently break into an occupied house, jail.
• Colluding with one's spouse (also a police employee) to affect the outcome of a disciplinary action, jail.

Is it not enough, Former Officer Heidt, that you got to commit all these offenses and only paid with your job? Is it not enough that anyone else not on the city's payroll would have received jail time for the same behavior?

Former Officer Heidt and members of the local police union,should be grateful that he is not facing incarceration. Talk about looking a gift horse in the mouth.

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