Heather Stoven - A view from above

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jeff lorton

I applaud Heather Stoven's vision. As the founder of the Oregon based Precision Farming Expo and former contractor for Yamhill County Economic Development, I have worked hard to evangelize the sustainability opportunities that Precision Agriculture and Unmanned Systems offer farm operations. In Oregon, there are many examples of how remote sensing, automation, and farmer friendly data action tools are making real differences to the triple bottom line.

With increased demands for reduced resource use, transparency and traceability effecting even the smallest farm operations, Oregon farmers need tools like unmanned aerial vehicles, ground robots and mobile digital tools to not just stay competitive but in some cases compliant with both government and customer rules and regulations.

As Oregon's agricultural food products increasingly go global, compliance with trans-national retailer's sustainability and traceability standards can mean the difference to selling all or only part of a farms crop output. It is a brave new world and it is time for Oregonians to demand greater vision and faster response times from state and federal agencies... Our farmer's futures depend on it. To learn more about the subject of Precision Agriculture, attend the 2015 Precision Farming Expo at the Salem Convention Center, March 17-18. http://precisionfarmingexpo.com

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