By Carl Dubois • 

'He just always stood out'

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I want to congratulate Bill on his election to the Hall of Fame.

Bill and Jim were both very athletic from the time they 1st started playing sports. Jim would always bring Bill to play sandlot and even at a young age Bill could hold his own.
The fact the McMinnville school system encourages sports from the 4th grade has helped many students and helped students get real coaching to improve their skills coached like Coach Dick.
Bill is an inspiration for all who want to succeed.


Great article! Congratulations Bill! LIke Ross, I had the pleasure of growning up across the street from Bill and his family, as well. Good folks! And I enjoyied playing football with Plumeau, Rich and lots of other talented guys on those Mac teams. And Coach Maybe, (was he mentioned?!) a-crazy-like-a-fox coach, along with Bender and others. Terrific memories! But I had forgotten a huge amount of your story, and if anyone's mind could recall and regurgitate the events with accuracy, it would be Ross Peterson.

Again, thanks to all invoved for the memories! And congratulations for a well - deserved honor, Bill!

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