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Happy Hut owner sentenced

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troy prouty

What is intersting is what is and what isn't legal. Where in history it becomes so or not. Sometimes like for exmaple Alochol was, then wasn't then was. Acid of course developed by government was legal for a while. Then you have Cocaine once used in Coke - Banned, while Sactrin (if spelled correctly) was illegal, became legal and allowed to be in Sweet and Low. In some cases it appears many things aren't about being hurtful to one's self so much as political - take Sweet and Low and the payoffs to get it legal with a mobster involved. etc..etc.. We obviously attempt to draw the line on moderation - it won't hurt you that much with less alcohol, sweet low compared to the damage the first time. Yet there appear a lot of variety on just what that is and the definition for each.

Herbal cigerettes are also illegal here (if made overseas) and yet I can think of little worse than the damage caused by people smoking cigerettes (american made)? Go figure.

Troy Prouty*

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