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Group asks judge to halt sea lion killings

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As far as I'm concerned. those sea lion's ought to be shot as soon as they hit the river! And you animal right's people. SHUT UP!


If they are going to be killed, is there a market for the meat, skulls, bones and/or what have you? Are they edible?

The Inuit hunt seals with rifles, so what is so outlandish about shooting these particular sea lions? Personally, I'd leave the sea lions alone. They're only doing what comes natural, surviving, but then again, sea lions have no impact on my life regardless of what their diet consists of.

Case in point, I'd asked a tribal member out here in Grand Ronde, what if anything the tribe was doing as far as 'Mole Abatement' goes, and his response was..."Nothing, they have as much right to survive on this land as we do."

He then replied...."How are you dealing with them?"

I replied..." I've finally got the Mole-Blaster 5000 up and running, and 'Operation Dante's Inferno' is in full swing on our side of the creek."


I have to agree with letting the sea lions be. They are only doing what is natural to them. If we are so worried about the amount of fish that are being pulled out by them why don't we lower the fishing alotment? I am a fisher-woman and my family fishes whatever we can, however, we very rarely keep our limit of fish, we take what we will eat and leave the rest.

In regards to the comment about animal rights people needing to shut up...I take it you are a vegan? you don't eat any kind of meat, fish, shell fish, chicken, or any by-products? Because unless you are a complete vegan then you are just as bad as the sea lions. You go and get what ever you feel like eating (in their case it's salmon) and you eat and eat it. You eat the food in your fridge and go to the store and get more to put in the fridge...this sounds a lot like a necessity, eating, so does that mean when someone sees you taking the last pork chop in the meat section they should shoot you?

You wouldn't want to be shot stepping out of your home to go get food for you and your family would you?

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