By Paul Daquilante • Staff Writer • 

Grand Ronde water customers get boil order

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Michael Tubbs Sr

Hopefully the pipeline that supplies us from the well-heads hasn't become compromised due to age..or.. some sub-grade event, .ie capillary draw from some leach field. That would surely suck...don't you think?

Michael Tubbs Sr

We're leaving nothing to chance, we're boiling our water for three minutes!


Sorry to hear about the craziness. and for you Michael hope you have your Colloidal Silver in-case of illness

We are here enjoying Neurotoxins in our water in Mcminnville. Unfortunately they seem to think it's safe for us..

Michael Tubbs Sr

"We are here enjoying Neurotoxins in our water in McMinnville."


Sorry to hear that, fortunately for us we'll be enjoying 'Sierra Springs' water beginning this Wednesday, and every day forward from then right on up until the Apocalypse!

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Ron, please don't tell me you're referring to fluoride. That's just nonsense.


jimv if you think fluoride good think again.

There are hundreds of links. I doubt you could prove to me that fluoride is safe. The only way you could I guess is drink a cup of it in front of me

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