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Grand Ronde Tribe weighs disenrollment

In a letter sent to family members last week, the tribe’s enrollment committee essentially reversed a decision made unanimously by an earlier edition of the same committee nearly 30 years ago. That has 78 descendants of Chief Tumulth facing disenrollment.

In 1855, Tumulth was one of the signers of a key treaty between the tribe and U.S. government.

Though not on the roll normally used to determine heritage, descendant Mia Prickett said the tribal enrollment committee decided unanimously in 1986 that members of his family met eligibility requirements of the tribal constitution. She said she wonders why it is now reversing course.

A tribal spokesman declined comment.

“I can only think that they’re trying to skim down the numbers, that they’re trying to kick us quote unquote urban Indians out -- those of us who don’t live on the reservation -- and this is the only way that they can do it,” Prickett said.

The Tribal Council is expected to act on the committee’s recommendation on Wednesday, April 30.

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