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Grand Ronde Tribe honors veterans

The memorial was created by tribal elder, Vietnam veteran and current Tribal Council member Steve Bobb Sr. It features four black columns representing the major branches of the armed Forces — Air Force, Army, Marine Corps and Navy.

Names of tribal and non-tribal members from Grand Ronde, Sheridan and Willamina who have served in the military are etched into the columns as a reminder of the sacrifice those who serve in the military make for their country.

Twelve names will be added this year and those veterans will be honored on Memorial Day. This will bring the total number of names to more than 2,200.

The observance will also feature the Tribal Veterans’ Honor Guard and an invocation. Tribal Council Chair Reyn Leno, also a Vietnam-era Marine veteran, will be the master of ceremonies.

These names are being added to the memorial this year:

n Air Force: Dennis E. Carlton (Native American) and Raymond E. Cain.

n Army: Shawn L. Robinson, Theodore T. LaChance (native), Albert G. Endres, Michael James Cain, Teresa I. Cain, Helmer Naslund and Chancy Parazoo.

n Marine Corps: Cory J. Menely (native) and Gavin D. Van Soolen

n Navy: Dennis E. Lund.

A meal featuring ceremonial meat will be served at noon at the community center, located adjacent to the memorial.

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