Governor vetoes Native American mascot bill

Of the Associated Press

PORTLAND — Gov. John Kitzhaber has vetoed a bill that would have allowed some Oregon schools to keep their mascots, nicknames and logos that depict Native Americans.

The bill would have reversed part of a ban on Native American mascots imposed by the state Board of Education: If they got approval of the nearest tribe, schools could keep the mascots.

Under the board's ban, schools with mascots such as the Braves, Indians or Chieftains will have to drop the name by 2017 or risk losing state funding.

Schools called the Warriors can keep the nickname but cannot have a logo that depicts Native Americans.

Critics of Native American mascots say they reinforce stereotypes and promote hostility. Supporters say they're a source of pride.



At article stated that Republicans, Democrats, Independents, and Indians all agreed that many mascot names in question were not derogatory, yet the the governor had to veto the bill. We are heading into a world without thought, reason, right or wrong and the only opinion that's right is no opinion. It's a war on all diversity. Nobody can possibly win. It must be Satanic, humanity would never be so foolish in itself.

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